Ruffbox - Play a Beat !11

A text-based beat sequencer.

Needs Chromium/Chrome 74+ or Opera 62+ and chrome://flags/#enable-experimental-web-platform-features enabled!

Scriptable Sequencer

Evaluate (Ctrl + Return)
Start/Stop (Ctrl + .)

Tempo: (milliseconds per sound event, on next eval)

Usage: Each symbol is a sound event, each line is a loop!
Time: All sequences run over a fixed time grid!

Sound Events:
Samples: bd, sn, hh, casio = bassdrum, snare, hihat, casio beep
Synths: saw, sqr, sine = sawtooth, squarewave, sinewave
~ = silence

Parameters: rate (samples only), freq (synths only), pos, lp-freq, lp-q, lp-dist, rev, del, atk, rel, dur

Sequence Generators: cyc = cycle, rnd = random, learn = markov chain, bounce = half-rectified sine curve, ramp = ramp
Pattern Anatomy: [cyc | rnd | learn] >> [sound events] @PARAM: [cyc | rnd | learn | bounce | ramp] >> [seq | param list]

Custom Sample (use filename without extension, alphanumeric filenames without underscore only (currently)):

Master Reverb

Use 'rev' parameter on event!
Roomsize Damp

Master Delay

Use 'del' parameter on event!
Time (sec) Feedback Cutoff

Made with Rust, Web Workers, AudioWorklet and WebAssembly!